My favourite interior styles

I have been very quiet recently with posts and it is because.... I have bought my 1st home!! My mind has been consumed with interiors and I haven't been able to find the mental space to write any blog posts. I thought I would share with you all my favourite interior styles and let you know which ones I have been including in my home! Seeing other people's ideas and styles really helps to inspire your own.

1) Panelling - I absolutely love panelling and I think the texture adds so much class and quality to a home. I have done this in my home and I will be sharing with you shortly my DIY tips in my next blog post.

This is the panelling picture that made me fall in love.

This is how our panelling wall looked when we had finished. Can you tell I'm proud?

2) The black room - Now this is an interior design I can admire, but not include in my home. You need to have a large room to get away with this. This particular living room belongs to the youtuber Lydia Millen.

It is beautiful and if your budget can't stretch to a Louis Vuitton trunk (not many can), then these look very similar.

3) French bedroom decor - This is very popular at the moment and I am seeing it online everywhere. I think it is stunning and this is the theme that we have gone for in our master bedroom. Below are some beautiful ones I have found. I have searched high and low to get my furniture pieces from the French olympus antique collection, which I have been lucky enough to mainly find on Facebook market place.

This one is lovely and belongs to the youtuber Josieldn.

4) The green living room - I have wanted a green sofa for as long as I can remember. I knew I wanted to incorporate golds, mustards and leathers in with it, but I actually could never find anything on pinterest which quiet matched my vision. Here is a snippet of it so far!

5) Absolutely anything toile de jouy - It feels so feminine and I feel like I am in a room inspired by Dior. It is a bold fabric, so a toile de jouey cushion, lampshade or bedding is beautiful but not overpowering.  This bedding from H&M is stunning and so affordable, I have purchased it for our guest bedroom.

6) Green tiled bathrooms - Can you tell I am obsessed with green yet? I have always loved the look of a bold feature bathroom. The future plan/dream would be to recreate this.

7) Runners in the kitchen - I really like the look of these runners in the kitchen.  It makes a cold looking kitchen feel warmer and more homely.


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