Trends for 2021

Personally for me, I like knowing the trends and mixing them in with my more classic style without being too in your face.  It's a nod to it without looking too much, which makes it wearable. Trends tend to be items you purchase and throw away in less than a year when you realise what on earth you were thinking and you were brain washed into thinking it was cool! This is not a very sustainable and trendy thing to do at the moment with the eco hype, so I don't see it happening as much or as drastically as it has in the past! Many trends are staying this year including the chunky chain, loungewear and the bralette, but here are my trend forecasts and predictions for the year ahead! 

1) The all in one neutral look is going to be big this year - it is great for winter but also for summer. In winter wear knitted trousers and jumpers or a scarf and a coat with a belt. Alternatively in the summer swap to linen trousers or shorts and a shirt. This neutral look is a killer this year and I absolutely love it!

2) Bralettes - This is  a trend that was introduced last year and will continue on into this year - I would wear this with high waisted trousers and a blazer to make it a very classic look but trendy or alternatively underneath a slightly sheer blouse/shirt to add a little bit of detail when it is warmer.

3) Duvet coats - These have become a staple in most people's wardrobe this winter lockdown - everyone is wanting the most comfort and going on a walk feeling like you're wearing your duvet is the one right? I remember in 2013 I watched these coats on a catwalk and I made fun of them for being so ridiculous and oversized, they didn't really become popular then.  It's only now that the trend has really kicked off!! Not enough for me to buy one though, but I appreciate the trend now.

4) Flowy and feminine A line cuts - This idea of showing off your waist and wearing flowy feminine styles is going to be popular this year, mixing up blazers and skirts and paying attention to the placement of a belt! Here are some of my favourite ways of incorporating the trend.

5) Baggy or flared trousers - skinny Jean's will always be around, but this year the trend is baggy or flared trousers whether it be in a Jean, linen or wool material. This is a trend I can't wait to start buying into.  This fits into the all neutral trend and also the linen trend I talk about later. 

6) Country style is going to be big this year with riding boots and plenty of gingham and tartan print jackets, coats and trousers! Brands such as Holland Cooper are really big right now and we always see this look in Chloe and Hermes.  On the high street we see this trend a lot as well in the likes of Zara and H&M.

7) Eco styles - It is no surprise to me that this trend is here this year as people will invest more than buy cheaply in bulk.  The prada re-nylon bag is going to be popular this year and I see many influencers buying second hand instead of new when it comes to bags and accessories. Many shops now have an eco section. Asos has a 'responsible' section, H&M has a conscious collection and Marks and Spencer's is well known for being very ethical.  The high street needs to get much better, but it is getting there slowly.

8) Loungewear sets are here to stay as we continue in our third lockdown - although I hope for everyone's sake that these Louis Vuitton pillow boots don't make it to the high street, they're a step too far for me!

9) Linen - As we move into Spring/Summer we are going to be loving linen. Linen bags, shoes, shirts and trousers. If it can be made in linen, then we will love it!!

10) Netting is a trend that will appear this year - now this is one that I will definently incorporate into my wardrobe carefully if I do at all. A netted top or dress is supposed to be worn over a bodysuit or a tank dress. I can see it working on some people, but I am definitely not cool enough to pull it off so I would probably only wear this trend over swimwear. Here are some of the looks on the catwalk and I am really intrigued to see how they trickle it down to the high street.

11) My final trend is the V front shoe. That is what I am calling it as I am not sure of the name, but I have seen it emerging in Zara, Asos and Net a porter. I think it is really different and something that is more of a classic trend piece and I really like it!


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