Best and Worst of 2020 trends

Trends are almost impossible to not follow, even if you don't believe in them and you avoid buying them, everything subconsciously is one.  No matter how developed your personal style is, you will always be influenced by the latest TV programme or advert. Trends are everywhere and you can't avoid them. In a world where individuality is now a trend, how can we truly be original if we are so influenced?  2020 was the year that our world changed and fashion took a huge hit.  Brands had to adapt to survive and learn that less is more.  They also were forced to consider the dignity, security and justice they provide for all their garment workers.  Those that didn't were named and shamed.  The pandemic accelerated trends and companies were forced to look at economical changed as shopping shifts to digital and consumers continue to fight for fairness and social justice. There were many many trends, but here is a quick run down of the main ones and how I felt about them.

January - As always this is the month of the peak of sports wear where New Years resolutions force people to invest in gym clothes to inspire themselves to workout.

February - This was the month the split hem trousers began and this continued throughout the rest of the year with their comfortable material being almost loungewear as lockdown began in march. This is one of my least favourite trends of 2020.

March - White boots became the highest trend so far with Zara's most famous lace up pair.  They were to be worn with floral dresses in Spring and were the girly alternative to the chunky black boot which was also a 2020 trend. This was one of my favourite styles, but I never had the confidence to wear it.

April - This was the official start of lockdown and Jogging bottoms became the latest fashion trend, even Anna Wintour was spotted wearing them.  Although I didn't dislike this trend, it isn't one I gave into yet as I was still very much in the dress up to feel better phase of lockdown.

May - This was the month everyone became obsessed with the TV show "Normal People". Connel's chain became the most talked about thing on twitter and so the chain trend began. I loved this trend and invested in a few Missoma pieces to start my chain collection.

June - The 90s shoulder bag hits the shops again as the fendi baguette makes a comeback and prada releases the 90s style again.  Everyone flocks to the high street to buy the dupes.  These were not for me, but I would love a vintage Fendi baguette.

July - The month that everyone bought Caroline Hiron's new book and cheated on fashion with Skincare.  I was definitely addicted as I was going though an adult acne phase and massively upped my skincare game.

August - This is one of the worst trend months for me where we see every single influencer out there wearing the quilted heels.  Some in flip flop style and some with the very square front.  Even worse are the designs which are all 3. It is a no from me.

September - The month of the shaket.  I don't dislike this trend, but it isn't one I chose to partake in as it is too unisex for me.

October - Houndstooth appeared as it got cooler, sparked by the new Emily in paris TV show.  The country style was also emerging through new brands such as Holland and Cooper who were cleverly advertising through popular influencers. I love this trend and think it is a big one also for 2021.

November - The second lockdown began and loungewear sets were in full swing by everyone, including me this time.

December - The teddy bucket hat was the last trend of 2020 and one I will be glad to see the back of.  It was the worst one of 2020 for me and I pray it doesn't continue into 2021.


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