Prada and its steps towards sustainability

When I think of the steps I take towards sustainability, I definitely think investing in my designer bags is a big sustainable step.  Not only will these be bags that I will treasure for a lifetime, but they won't be items I just throw away.  They will either be passed on to my children or sold as investment pieces so that I can love another bag as much as I did that one.  If you wanted to be even more sustainable with your designer purchases you could look at the ethics of the brand and purchase from the likes of Stella McCartney who has very strong vegan ethics, or you can buy preloved as I have spoken about on my blog several times.  

But what you might not know and I have just learnt, are the steps that Prada is making towards sustainability. They started using recycled nylon from old fishing nets for their Re-Nylon range that they launched last year with a promise that by 2021 they will be completely using recyled nylon.  Below is a bag from that range that has been one of the most popular designer bags of 2020.

In August they became one of 32 brands to sign a Fashion Pact.  This is a promise to meet three key sustainability goals: 

1) Eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050

2) Reduce single-use plastics by 2030

3) To support innovation to destroy micro-fibre pollution.

Then in November the brand became the first luxury company to sign a sustainability-linked loan, which means it will lose out financially if it doesn’t deliver on its green targets. These are huge steps and risks to take, but also it is so current and will make a massive impact in the industry right now.  With diversity being also top of the discussions this year - 62% of Prada employees are female, 56% of top executives are females and 88% of the roles are contracted. I highly recommend you research into it more as there are many other factors including the energy they use in their factories. I for one have taken notice and Prada is definently on my list for my next purchase and investment!


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