Stocking fillers for Him and Her

In previous years you could get away with jokes and little bits of tat as stocking fillers, but with sustainability on peoples mind, we need some help with ideas of good fillers that are affordable. Everyone knows sustainability can be a little expensive, but I have done extensive research on some affordable pieces and the rest are genuinely great items that anyone would be thrilled to have in their stocking.  If you can go out and find these products in local boutiques then even better! These are generic ideas, but throw in a few personal ones in there as well and I would say you are good to go!

I am going to do the stocking fillers as one and you can decide if they are for him or her, but most are gender neutral.

1) Reusable ear buds from Amazon.  They also do a similar pair for £3 at flying tiger if you have one close.  These are fantastic for everyday use and also for travelling.

2) Hand sanitizer from Boots - These need no explanation for 2020!

3) Carmex lip balm trio from Asos - essential for winter dry lips.  You can buy singular carmex lip balms for £3 in any boots and superdrug also.

4) Eye masks from Amazon - For the blackout sleep lovers out there which is me included!

5) Chocolate bombs from - A brilliant treat to enjoy in front of the TV with the fire going in the winter months!

6) Reusable cotton pads or the face Halo from Boots and Amazon - Both brilliant! The face halo is great for anyone trying to reduce the amount of products they need and the reusable pads are the best sustainable option for cotton pads.

7) Ice cubes from Amazon - These come in many different designs for those who like to have a fancy G&T or whisky on the weekend.

8) Feet masks from -  Most people this year have been excited to try new beauty products. This is a great one to try with your partner!

9) Sock packs from Asos - The most common stocking filler but definently the most used!!

10) Santa Banter game from - This is such a brilliant stocking gift that you can play on christmas day with your family and can be reused for many christmases to come!


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