Emily in Paris

Despite the bad reviews that the show Emily in Paris has received, I can't deny that I did enjoy it! A relatable Women getting an exciting job opportunity and moving from Chicago to Paris is exciting.  We get very invested in watching her try to win over her boss and colleagues who clearly dislike her, but can't deny that she has a flair and new fresh ideas that work. The millennial girl boss theme is very prominent as well! The critics complain at the way Paris is portrayed, but why would they not have done cheesy Paris? Don't get me wrong, it's a little bit over the top and you can't really compare it to the similar types of series Sex and the City and Gossip girl.  They have been done a lot better and they both also have French sections in them which have been done a lot classier. Remember when Carrie and Blair went to Paris?  But Emily in Paris has potential and plenty of time as this is only the first season.  The changes that Sex and the City and Gossip Girl did throughout the seasons to improve it were huge!

 But none the less, these shows are over and we can either keep rewatching them over and over or we can move on. None of those shows featured social media and Instagram, so this is a very current and relatable version.  Even though the social media side of it is what makes this particular show current, it is actually the part that I struggle most with.  Emily continuously takes pictures of people and posts it on her instagram without consent and that made me uncomfortable on several occasions.  It's one thing to do the selfies and friends pictures and its another to secretly take pictures of people and post it.  Many young people would be watching this programme and wanting to be like her and I think this sets a bad example. But moving on from that I still appreciated every single outfit in the show and spotted every single featured Chanel item. Many were vintage which is so trendy right now! Although I'm sorry but the one thing I could not get on board with was the bucket hat. 

I just can't, it's the new bum bag of the season. You either hate it or you love it. It is definitely marmite!  I couldn't get with the bum bag trend either by the way...!  If you live and breath fashion like I do, then you will understand the below!

Paris will always be featured in fashion programmes and films as it is one of the fashion capitals and the French will always have something to say about it, so this is no suprise that they have an issue with the portrayal. I for one cannot wait for season 2 and the idea of the possible Winter trends.  The 1st season was Summer so could the 2nd be Winter? Let's wait and see!  Would the writers of the show have listened to the criticism and evolved? I hope so!


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