Charity shops are one of my favourite places to spend my days. I dedicate full days to going into every charity shop I can find on days off. I love the idea that items have had a life before me and that I am contributing towards a sustainable environment. Unfortunately due to lockdown, I have not been able to go for a very long time. They have not been on the list of shops that reopened, which I fully understand. So this isn't a haul of recent second hand purchases, but my collection of second hand items that I have in my wardrobe and have collected over the years. We all need to be more aware of the environment and the amount we are purchasing. Some other benefits to shopping second hand are the money you save and the items you find are often very unique. You may also find a sneaky designer item if you look close enough.

Here are some of the jackets and blazers I have found:

This gives me Chanel vibes
The perfect black blazer
The beaded frindged velvet jacket - such a unique find
Next Up is tops:

This is such a beautiful cowl neck jumper
This frindged navy blue jumper is very unique
This cropped shirt was my best buy of 2018 and I wore it non stop for the first year
Lastly is accessories:

The above belt is my favourite belt of all time and i bought it in 2017. I wear it with every outfit and it cost me £1. I have never found a belt that I like as much since.

I always find such a good selection of what I call 'old man scarves' 

Although the jewellery isnt always great, I always reuse pieces I like and add them onto chains, so these are a few pieces that I upcycled!

Lastly is hand bags. I always find a good selection of small velvet evening bags!

And I can't forget my most recent purchases of the year, my second hand/vintage designer bags that I bought from luxurypromise.com. They are a dream come true!!
I scroll the luxury promise app every day for new finds, I am completely obsessed with their vintage Chanel jewellery and finding my next member of the family.


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