My Skincare Routine

Has anyone else's skin just gone crazy since lock down and covid?? I used to know my skin pretty well, I got the occasional spot but it was pretty normal. Since lock down I have been getting bumps under my skin all around my chin and forehead and occasionally get the most insane acne.  I have no idea what to do with this skin because it's new to me! I probably last had skin like this when I was 14! I don't know what could be causing it, but I do think a big part of it is hormonal and birth control related as well, which is the most frustrating thing ever as a women. Why have they not invented a pill for men yet??? I went a bit crazy at the beginning of lock down trying new products, but I have narrowed my routine down to products that I feel help my skin and have shown signs of improvements. In a nutshell I cleanse, serum and moisturise every morning and night. Caroline Hirons released a skin care book that I have been completely obsessed with.  It is the bible and I highly recommend you all read it. From what I have tried and tested and the key points I took from Caroline's book, here are my top tips.

Tips for acne prone skin:

1) Always double cleanse to ensure your skin is properly clean

2) Use a clean flannel or muslin cloth every day

3) Have clean towels for face use several times a week

4) Clean your makeup brushes every week 

5) Have clean pillow cases every week and consider investing in silk ones, they are softer on your skin

6) If you are known to be a picker or a popper, buy a salicylic acid that once you have done the deed you must press over, it will kill the bacteria.

7) I take a vitamin D and omega 3 oil supplements

8) Stop using face wipes

9) Don't use sheet masks, they're technically a face wipe sitting on your face 

My morning skin routine:

1) I cleanse my skin with face theory - freshening facial wash with aloe vera and green tea extract (£10.99) -  this is just really fresh. You don't need to double cleanse in the morning, you just need to remove the 'sweat' from the night.

2) I use an eye cream. At the moment its lanocreme (£20), but I'm not loyal to eye creams. I feel this is important as the skin is a lot more sensitive to the rest of your face so needs a different type of moisturiser. Not everyone believes in eye creams.

3) I use hyaluronic acid serum by the Inkey list (£5.99) which hydrates my skin.

4) I use the Ordinary moisturiser (£5) which locks everything in ready for my makeup.

5) I use a sun screen which again varies to protect my skin from the environment and any sun it may receive.

My evening skin routine:

1) I use the Clinique take the day off (£25) as my first cleanse. This oil texture is so great at breaking down the heavy makeup, sun screen and sweat that your face has on from the day.

2) My second cleanse I use the face theory clarifying cleanser with triple acid (£11.99). This completes my cleanse and  also acts as my resurfacing exfoliate as it contains AHA's.

3) I use my eye cream again

4) I use the alpha H clear skin hydrate serum (£21) to help with any acne.  I always wake up and they visibly look better.

5) I moisturiser with the Clarins re boost (£37) to lock everything in before bed.

Everyone has different skin and will react differently to all products, I am continually trying and testing and changing my routine depending on the season and even my times of the month. Pay attention to what your skin needs at different times and act accordingly. You don't need to break the bank with skincare, if you are using a really good serum or moisturiser, then you can go more affordable on the eye cream or cleansers.  Never buy dupes and be careful how cheap you go. You only have one face, look after it.


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