Lockdown TV for Fashion lovers

For those of you that don't have kids during lockdown, are working from home or on furlough, then you have way more time on your hands. There may be a list of things the length of your arm you have been meaning to watch, or you have no idea where to begin to look for anything you might like. If you are into fashion like me, then I have you covered on all things film and fashion series related.  If you have a partner like mine, you may find he doesnt mind some of these too, especially the ones with competition in, the history or the story of success. 

My top picks from Netflix:

1) Next in fashion - I have done a whole blog post on this a few posts down. This is a 10 episode fashion design competition, with my favourite Alexa Chung and Tan France as hosts. I watched this in 2 days.

2) Girl boss - This is a series based off the book #girlboss which is about the brand nasty girl. It's fantastic for any vintage, second hand lovers and stars the amazing Britt Robertson.

3) Queer eye - Style advice from a group of gay men? This series made me feel like I had loads of gay best friends.

4) Gossip girl - The obvious series, but I couldn't not mention it as at the time each episode was released, gossip girl was known for being the magazine of tv shows. Everything worn on each episode was the style of the week. Watching it is like a timeline of style for the months and  years the show was released.

5) Sex and the city - This is a film for something warm and fuzzy with labels and love.

6) Styling Hollywood - I loved this series and Jason appears as a guest judge a few times in Next in Fashion also. This was great to see the magic behind the scenes of a red carpet show for the stars.

7) Franca: Chaos and Creation on Netflix - A documentary on the life of the editor of italian vogue, Franca Zossani.

8) McQueen - A very emotional documentary on the uplift but downfall of Alexander McQueen.

9) Jeremy Scott: The People's Designer on Netflix - A very interesting documentary on the man behind the brand Moschino.

10) Maddman: The Steve Madden Story on Netflix - This is a super inspiring documentary of the rise of the Steve Madden shoe brand from a man from prison.

11) The assassination of Gianni Versace - This is a TV series that is set out to be embellished,  but based on true events of the assassination of Gianni Versace. Penelope Cruz stars as Donatella Versace.

My top picks from Amazon Prime:

1) The bold type - A very good series about 3 girls who work for a fashion magazine.

2) Making the cut - A brilliant fashion design competition with the amazing judges Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum.

3) Chiara ferragni unposted - This is a very good documentary about the girl behind the famous fashion blog 'The Blonde Salad'. 

4) Project runway - This is the sister series of making the cut, with the same producers and judges.

5) Discovering Vivienne Westwood - A short documentary on how she rose to fame with her punk rock movement.

6) Coco before chanel - This is a film about Coco Chanel's life before her brand. I will warn you that it's in french and you will need subtitles, so if you hate that, this is not for you.

7) Lilly allen: Riches to rags - A series that shows Lily Allen go from a popstar to opening her own vintage fashion shop in London with her sister.

8) This old thing - This documentary shows Dawn O'porter act as a stylist by helping someone with hand me down and vintage items to make a fashion statement. 

9) The guccis: the last fashion victim - A really good documentary on the life and death of the last member of the Gucci family heir.

10) Discovering Tom Ford - A short documentary on the designer who was the creative director of Gucci before starting his own label Tom Ford in 2004.

11) Goks fashion fix - This series shows Gok Wan compete with designer stylist to win on the catwalk with high street designs he has created.


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