Lockdown Asos Summer Styling

There might be a pandemic going on, but it is still really important to keep ourselves feeling good and for me that is putting on a great outfit.  I have made many orders to Asos over the past 2 months and I am going to share with you what I have kept and styled together.  We all know what an online clothes shop is usually like, you buy 10 pieces and keep 1, so I thought I would save you the terrible pieces and show you the good. Here are the 8 looks!

  Anything out of stock I will give alternatives and everything listed below is from Asos, unless stated otherwise.  Little disclaimer about the belt, it was only £2 from a charity shop, so I have not listed any belts below, just buy a good classic one and it will go with anything. The first piece that features in every outfit is a necklace.  I did order a few bits that I love, but unfortunately this is the only piece that isn't sold out.  I suggest you buy it right now as it is an absolute steal at £7!!

 1) My first look is the classic light blue jeans and blouse with some sliders.  Now the jeans and shoes I am wearing are out of stock on Asos but I have put a very similar pair below.  The blouse was also out of stock on Asos but is still in stock on the River Island website.


2) My second look is an amazing pair of 60s print shorts with a rust coloured top.  This look is so comfortable and airy for those sticky days.  The top was out of stock so I have picked you a very similar one.

3)  Look 3 is the classic white jeans for summer.  This has never usually been my thing, but I love this mum jeans fit paired with this knitted top.


4)  My fourth look is a simple dress with edgy details.  By putting black studded heels and a belt with this dark green t-shirt dress, it makes it look edgy. You can wear this loose or with a belt like me. It's also super light material for the hot weather.  Unfortunately the shoes were out of stock so I have put a similar pair below.

5) My fifth look is personally what I would wear out for dinner as it's a bit more dressy, but it's got a stunning bright print and amazing sleeves.  You can wear this loose or with a belt like me. Again the shoes were out of stock so a similar pair is below.

6)  My sixth look is the perfect throw on no effort, but look amazing dress.  It is a fantastic cut, fit and print and I could not praise this dress enough.  It does all the talking and you don't need any accessories with it.  I feel a million dollars in this dress.


7)  My seventh look is a super safe shorts that look like a skirt for those blustery days.  I love the mix of studded shoes and a t-shirt with a really feminine print skirt here.  The shoes and top were out of stock unfortunately here but I have added similar items below.  Any t-shirt with a print would work here.


8)  My final look is my favourite as I love the big sleeves.  I also love that this skirt can me taken from spring all the way through summer and even winter if you wanted.  Boots and a jumper would also look great with this skirt.



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