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A lot of the time when looking for fashion inspiration, I find films and TV the best place to go.  It's outside the box and when you fall in love with a character, you fall in love with their style too.  Some looks have become so iconic that you can look in a shop and go 'oh that's so pretty women'.  The team of stylists that have worked on these films have already done all the hard work for you.   Everyone might like different era's, I think I have gone for a mixture of fairly obvious ones and ones you might not have realised.  During lock down I have enjoyed a number of TV shows and films from Netflix that have given me my fashion fix.  I really enjoyed: Next in Fashion, The assassination of Gianni Versace and the McQueen documentary.  They were all really insightful and I learnt a lot.  I enjoyed the competition aspect of Next in fashion and the history of the other two.  When it comes to films, my top 7 (yes I couldn't pick just 5) are:

Sex and the City
Coco before Chanel
Pretty Woman
Breakfast at Tiffany's
The Devil wears Prada
Endless Love

1)  Now lets start with Sex and the city.  Not only is this film one of my favourite films, not just because of the style, but because of the friendships and the glamour of New York.   Wander-lusting through quarantine is a real thing!! Some of the outfits are very questionable because they are brave and although I wouldn't wear them, the appreciation I have for them is very strong.  This outfit has to be be one of my favourites of the whole TV and film series.  It is of course my favourite colour green, how predictable of me!!  It is very glamorous and not one I would find myself wearing everyday like Carrie Bradshaw, but it's definitely holiday dinner inspo and wedding outfit inspo.  I love how she has taken a girly print and made it more Gothic with a studded belt and black heels too.  Where would you wear this?  Also, little detail... Eiffel tower bag is bringing me all the feels as I am supposed to be in France right now!!!

2)  Second up is Coco before Chanel and this is one you have to concentrate while watching as it is with French subtitles.  But it is a beautiful film and it's hard to imagine that the the Chanel you think of now started how she did.  She was such a misfit and went against the grain of females and fashion, and in this day and age it has made her the biggest brand in the world.  At the end, when she show cases her first collection, I had an actual tear in my eye because it was so beautiful.  We owe so much to her for making female fashion more comfortable and more masculine. I wear a blazer most days of my life and it's the best accessory to every outfit.

3)  Third on my list is of course Pretty Women.  The iconic lady who went from Tacky sex symbol to Glamour and classy sex appeal.  I love watching a good before and after and this example just shows it's all about the way you present yourself to the world.  The most famous outfit in this film is of course the polka dot dress.  But for me I also loved the linen shorts combo and the white dress.  I have searched high and low for similar items for years and have been lucky with some of my finds.  They are of course sold out now, I bought them years ago. You don't have to go expensive, ASOS and Primark have been some places I have found some items.

4)  Breakfast at Tiffany's is my fourth choice and not only for her fashion and classic style.  The way she acts and composes herself is almost as stylish as the items of clothing she wears, I only wish to be as calm and comfortable with myself as she is.  Now I know everyone hates the ending, but actually it's a beautiful moment when she finally realises that she loves her cat so much and finally understands love and commitment and that she can finally love Paul back.  I actually bought the face mask and ear plugs she wears from Etsy.  I never actually wear them, they are just decoration, but they make me smile.  She's also a great one to use as fancy dress inspo for movie nights.

5)  Fifth on the list is The Devil wears Prada.  This was kind of the job that I studied for in University, not quiet PA but more writing, but in a fashion magazine none the less.  This is another classic makeover going from geek to sheek, but my god the sheek is brilliant.  My favourite outfit throughout the whole film has to be the all black, but I have included a selection of various other ones that I enjoy.  This is probably the most simple outfit of the whole film, but it really is the best.  I love how the dress is shorter than the jacket and the necklace is the statement.  Also the fringed bag is beautiful and makes the whole outfit go from classic style to just stylish.

6)  Number 6 is Atonement.  Now as much as the film is a bit too depressing for me, I watch it every now and then just so I can look at Cecelia's outfits.  So I would definitely say this is style over substance. Yes the obvious green silk dress is my favourite!  This dress was designed by Jacqueline Durran and was known as the reason for the 7 golden globe and 7 Academy Award nominations.  It accentuated her English-Rose features perfectly and is why I love it, because I am as pale as a cucumber and it does the same for me.  The second look I really enjoyed was this art deco wrap skirt with the clashing print shirt which just looks divine.

7)  Finally the last film pick for style favourites is Endless Love and yes, this is another Keira Knightly film!  Now I don't love this film for the glamorous style, but more the everyday casual but still feel cool vibe.  I love the floral dress and jumper over the top look.  Not only is this really comfortable when you don't feel like putting on skinny jeans, but it's also warm and a great outfit to go from winter to warmer months where you can strip off the jumper and tights.  It's an all year rounder!  Who knew wellies could look so stylish!


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