Covid-19 Lockdown life

Everyone is going through something different with lockdown.  Some people don't get two seconds to themselves because they're home schooling children. Some people have lost their jobs or some people are on furlough so just crazy bored and struggling with 20% less of a wage. Whatever the situation, it is hard and the impact on people's mental health is difficult.  It has definently been different for me, however I don't think the struggle has impacted me as much yet.  Let me tell you why, for if you are in a similar situation to me you might find this interesting.  My job has only got busier and more difficult, as other people get furloughed, my work load goes up.   This means I am finishing work a little later than I should and it gets pretty stressful.  Having said that, when I was going in and out of the office every day, I  was spending 2.5 hours travelling on a bus.  With the rain we had throughout the winter, this would really take its toll on me.  I am really really enjoying the fact I can wake up at 7 and finish at 4.30 without any travelling, that I actually don't know how I'm going to go back.  I find myself dreaming of starting a business where I can work from home, but I have no idea what I would do.  I have started doing my hobbies again which are writing my book and writing my blog.  I have made some incredible baking creation and cooked some delicious meals that I wouldn't have had the energy to do before. I'm enjoying the casual leggings and t-shirts for mid week and then dressing up on weekends. I'm taking proper care of my skin, not wearing makeup in the week and being strict with my routine of hot cloth washing, various face treatments and moisturising and it feels great.  In September I moved in with my boyfriend in cardiff and away from my home town, so to be honest, The whole not seeing family and friends is something I have got used to anyway, we actually are speaking more now on zoom calls than before!!!  No more eating in restaurants and going on shopping trips or nice trips out on weekends has meant I have a lot more spare money, plus the cost of travelling to work.  My 4th ASOS package is currently on it's way and we are only in week 6 of staying at home, whoops.  But it brings me so much joy!!!  I don't hide the fact that I have suffered with mental health problems in the past and continue to work on it day to day, but spending all my time with my favourite person, speaking to friends and family on zoom and being able to do my hobbies, my mental health is the best it has been in ages.  I struggle around people sometimes, with anxiety, I have phobias of noises like sniffing, eating with your mouth open and all sorts, so being at home I don''t have that.  So my concern isn't how I am doing through this pandemic, because I'm doing okay, great even, but how am I going to cope going back?  This is my question and my situation.


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