Why I will buy my first Chanel second hand

Owning a Chanel handbag has been my dream since I was 15 and to be honest, I should have bought it at 17 when I had the money and no bill's, because now the price has tripled! For me the vintage Chanel is the one. Unless you have a disposable income, Chanel is not the place for buying trend pieces, it is for buying the absolute classics.  The 2.55 was the absolute dream, but as I have got older I now prefer the classic flap bag! I love the history of Chanel and that the vintage bags have so many stories behind them and i find that the new Chanel bags have lost that a little bit.  When I look at the vintage bags, they still have the burgundy lining inside the flap which was there because it was a colour that reminded Coco of her orphanage, it was the colour of the uniforms.  The straps of the bags now are no longer 24k gold plating so they wear easier and are brighter which I dont think has as much of an expensive look, I prefer the deeper, less shiny gold. I also prefer the look of a chanel handbag that has been worn, theres something about it which looks much nicer, the quilting looks a little flatter which I much prefer. Chanel offers a repair service for all bags, so whatever the age, get it repaired and give it a new life, do not just buy a new one.  If you want to find out how old your bag is, all you have to do is google the sticker inside the bag and online there is a whole gallery that will tell you the date it was made.

This vintage Chanel flap is one of my favourites . I love the size of the logo and it still has the burgendy lining. The zip on the flap at the back was rumoured to be where Coco hid her love letters and the quilting of the bags came from her lovers uniform.

I think the cream version of this bag is absolutely stunning !

The square mini has always been a favourite, but the newer ones are more rounded and they make them smaller than they used to. You may not agree with me, but I think the top vintage bag is far more sleek looking than the below new bag. The padding is flatter, the strap will be plated gold and the shape is more square.

Ever since I saw lauren conrad on the hills wear the shoulder black shopper bag, I have always wanted that one too, here it is in cream from the second hand shop xupes.

I have never been one for the boy bag, the only one I like is the grey one. But I do love that this bag is named after the love of Coco gabrielles' life - Boy Capel! So here is the Boy bag!

for vintage Chanel there are several second hand shops that I trust.

They are:

 Luxury promise
The Real Real
1st Dibs
Designer Exchange

 I'm sure there are more but these are the ones I have studied. Do not get me wrong, it takes a long time to look and find the right bag for you and to make sure it comes with serial numbers and cards, but when you find the right bag you will be in love forever.


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