Lydia Millen style appreciation

I have recently discovered Lydia Millen on YouTube and I love her style.  Its simple, not over complicated and mostly blacks, greys and whites, but she always looks sleek and chic. I have compiled some of my favourite looks of hers below and then done my pick of how to get the looks. Enjoy!

1) I have wanted a burgundy leather coat for so long and the only one I like is over £500 from Karen Millen which is now unfortunately sold out. Below are a few alternatives I have found. The cream coat is in the sale for only £100!

2) I'm not a pink girl usually, but I really love this look!!

3) The way these trousers and shoulder top are styled it looks like a jumpsuit and it's so cute!

4) This all black look is such a classic and it is so simple, but will never not look stylish!!!

5) You'd have to be careful where you sit with this look, but this clean look is so fresh!

6) This might be all black again but the leather and pop of gold make this look so cool!

7) I love how wearing this satin skirt with a jumper makes it every day wear instead of just evening wear!


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