The Gucci appreciation club

It's funny because I used to think of Gucci as a 'chavy' brand and never really looked into what it was about as the adverts were always so bold they almost seemed tacky. I always saw people wearing fake Gucci and I thought it just looked awful. This was when I was doing my fashion degree, although I do remember really liking the Gucci bamboo handbag, but that was the only thing from Gucci I ever liked.

 I used to scrapbook clothes and bags I liked and outfits celebrities wore and that bag featured a few times. It wasn't till I researched them and saw the way people wore it properly that my love started. It's now one of my favourite designers for its classic pieces. It became an obsession actually and the first designer handbag I got was Gucci!

Now Gucci is actually known and started as a luxury travel brand and famous for its craftsmanship with leather.  This is why I get such a horse vibe from a lot of the classic pieces. I'll be honest, I cant walk into a gucci shop because it's just full of the bold stuff and brings me right back to the 'tacky' stage so I tend to do all my gucci shopping online.  The classic Gucci print for me is so beautiful and I think looks so good with everything! Although it's not actually the original print, the plain interlocking diamonds was the original, but they brought the GG into it when Guccio Gucci died and it has been iconic ever since. I am all about good investment pieces that will last for years and will always be in style. 

These are a few of my current favourites on my shopping list :

I also love the loafers, these are my favourite of the moment:


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