Chasing Rainbows

As the liquid slides down, a rainbow appears.
 The richest smile yet, so powerful when sun and 
rain mix that colours explode like a chemical reaction, 
but only for a short time before disappearing and leaving
 a hungry space.

A hungry space so worried of not being perfect 
that it craves the rainbow again and it's
powerful control of temporary happiness.  
A vicarious rainbow of deception and 
fraudulent emotions.

As loved ones hurt, with their unconditional 
love so pure, yet tired.
There is a cry of surrender.
Sun and rain stop colliding as the weather 
turns frantic, never settling, always undecided.
Seeing rainbows in anything but stillness.

As the precipitation falls, the plants grow flowers
and they intertwine and grow stronger together.
A wave of happiness that had been forgotten,
rushes through the body like an
electric shock and the chemical reaction
happens once more, naturally.

A form so natural should never be forced
 or utilised.  Eternally chasing rainbows, but now
you can see the mirrored reflection 
in her eyes.


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