EINE studios 003 collection review


EINE studios review

The EINE 003 Collection


by Hannah Taylor

The EINE 003 collection was introduced
on the 15th September at the contemporary
Passione Vino store. Unlike previous collections, this
collection was launched during London Fashion Week,
demonstrating how much the brand has

Five models appeared, dressed in the new

collection, three stood visible behind the open
 front doors, the other 2 models stepped up into
the windows,dramatically lit with well-placed
flood lights. This effective opening certainly
captivated the crowd, which was waiting outside
in a queue that trailed some way down the street.
 It was a well-staged, vivid moment that introduced
the collection with a spectacle that saw many in the
 crowd scrambling for their phones to seize the moment,
 ready to be shared. The evening continued when guests were
ushered in past the models then downstairs to the vast
choices of delicious wines. In classic EINE style, the models
 joined in and mingled with a variety of guests from fashion
through gastronomy to the fetish scene.

Gone is the olive green and black harnessing of last

 year and in comes light pink, tan coloured leather and
transparent materials introducing a more feminine and playful
feel to go with the fetish accessories and tailored menswear
influence. A guiding inspiration for this debut collection
 (No.003) was the film ‘The bitter tears of Petra von Kant';
the obsessive, passionate tale of a women who falls in
 love with her muse.

This collection contains tailored blazers and trousers

in a powder pink cotton gabardine, shiny black PVC,
 dark and clear transparent polyurethane in addition
to pink shirts in spun silk. Also peplum-frilly accessories,
 leather straps, belts and harnesses in a tan colour transform
 the rather classic silhouettes and make this collection more
playful and feminine.

The hosts for this event, Passione Vino are specialist

 buyers for artisan and organic wines from Italy.
The team travels the length and breadth of Italy
 sourcing wines for their exquisite selection
, sharing with us unknown pearls from the Italian
wine industry.

Proving every woman can indulge in her desires

 at this ‘Tasting Pleasure’ event, the couture
screams ‘welcome to confidence!’ EINE
 is a sensual range of luxury apparel
 that celebrates the female soul,
 and the female soul is definitely
something to celebrate!
Photos of the launch and the collection
are available online via the
 EINE Facebook page.
For further information on the brand,
 to shop and book private appointments
at the studio, go to 
or go to
 the twitter page


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