Toasting to Kate Moss and her new book!


Most fashion watchers rank Kate Moss somewhere in the top ten of model greats, but not Twiggy: "Kate is the best model that ever lived. End of." It was hard to argue with her last night at a party thrown by Marc Jacobs to celebrate the super and her new book, Kate: The Kate Moss Book, at London's private members' club 50 St. James.

A roll call of A-list friends pitched up to congratulate Moss on the 368-page tome, which features some never-before-released images from her 20-year career. Among those raising glasses were
Florence WelchLiberty Ross, Riccardo Tisci, Donna Karan,Kristen McMenamyCara Delevingne, Lucie de la Falaise, and Boy George.

"She is and was a game-changer," Patti Hansen told "When she came along, there was a shift in fashion and how people viewed clothes and style. There will never be another one like her in the industry."


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