What's in my bag?


Always a question, usually questioned by men!  But every girl is different, it's a womens haven.  How a womens bag looks often tells a lot about that person.

Here is what is in my bag!

1) Dream Matte mousse - To cover any imperfections.
2) Flat Keys - Obviously never leave home without them.
3) Chanel Lipstick - Never know when you might fancy some colour.
4) Lip Balm - Nothing worse than not being able to sort out dry lips.
5) Purse - obviously...
6) Perfume - Pure Poisin Dior is my favourite at the moment.  
There ready for drinks after work if you're in a rush.
7) Pen -Always feel good using my parker fountain my boyfriend
 gave me, rather than someone elses probably unhygienic pen.
8) Hair stuff - Never know when you're having a bad hair day.
9) Compact mirror - a must.
10) Phone - another must.
11) Camera - I love capturing moments.
12) Notebook - As a journalist I like to record moments 
or write down ideas.


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