My perfume collection is huge.  If you wear the same scent every day you get used to the smell, so by swapping round, you will always smell that beautiful scent you are wearing and know that you smell delicious! This is my reason for my many perfumes.

My perfumes are...

1) Lady Million - Paco Robanne
2) Pure Poisin - Dior
3) Little White Dress - Next
4) Chance - Chanel
5) Flora - Gucci
6) Silver - D&G
7) Rush - Gucci
8) Glow - J-Lo
9) Coco Mademoiselle - Chanel
10) Celine Dion
11) Boss - Hugo Boss

My favourite has to be Coco mademoiselle Chanel, it is such a classic, feminine fragrance that makes me feel special every time I wear it.  It tends to be my going out fragrance rather than a day to day, unless I have a special occasion.

The floral and sweet perfumes which are fantastic for day summer wear are Chanel Chance, Flora Gucci,  Hugo Boss and Celine Dion.

The musky perfumes which suit day winter wear are D&G silver, Gucci Rush, J-Lo Glow and Little White Dress.

The evening wear perfumes suitable for any season are of course Coco Mademoiselle Chanel, Pure Poisin Dior and Lady Million Paco Robanne.

But what I really want to get my hands on next is........

'Before me, no one would have
dared to dress in black'

Gabrielle Chanel


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