Barry M


Barry M has had us amazed with his magical nail varnishes.  It is a secret as to how his creations work, but we are all obsessed with them.  They all cost under £5 so you're not breaking the bank!!

These are the designs!

1) Crackle effect

You can use different bottom colours and different crackle top colours.  So mix it up!!

2) Magnetic effect

You can also use different bottom colours and use different patterned magnets (stripey, wavey).  And if you make a mistake you can paint over and start again!

3) Chameleon effect
You need a Barry M basecoat and topcoat for this.  You paint on with the chameleon colour and then draw whatever pattern you like using the top and basecoat.  Watch it change colour :)

What I did with my nails :)


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