Fashion Moment

Corsets are the ultimate feel good look of sexiness without the grueling workouts or struggling diets. The purpose was to support the bust and pull the waist into the fashionable shape that is the envy of every women. The shape of the corset changed during the Edwardian era where the front was straight and there was a curve at the back which pushed the derriere out and the upper body forward. Thank goodness this was only worn for a short period as it was a very uncomfortable position. Corsets were only seen as items of costume during the 1920s, before a slight revival during the 50s by a waist clincher. Christian Dior's 'New Look' is a perfect example of the hourglass shape it gave. Corsets trickle in and out of fashion. They are occasionally seen in mainstream fashion, but tend to stay within Haute Couture. 
Revivals of the corset occurred because of films, celebrities, icons and many more. With the release of the film 'Moulin Rouge', women all over the world were inspired. With women like Dita Von Teese and Bex Paul strutting their figures in corsets as burlesque dancers, it is no wonder women want to look just like them. These burlesque dancers inspired John Galliano's show of 40s showgirls, which encouraged the high street to sell 'underwear as outerwear'. 
As Vivienne Westwood famously said, she wanted to 'tighten it all up, pull it in'. This influenced her designs of the corset all the way to Jean Paul Gautier, Thierry Mugler and Alexander Mcqueen's creations to the classic, traditional designs of John Galliano and Christian Lacroix.  With future spring/summer collections such as Herve Leger by Max Azria, Vivienne Westwood with her rainbow corset gown and the blond's risky corset, you would be foolish not to take note of this trend. These shimmery, pearled and draping corsets are confident and daring and confidence is sexy.


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