clothes show live 2010

This years clothes show live 2010 was definitely one to remember for me!  Not only was I seated front row of the show, but I was also sitting next to the cast of the reality TV soap 'The Only Way is Essex'.  These were Amy, Sam, Harry, Kirk and Mark.  The show kicked off with the band Vice singing their new song 'let go' before topless male models Max and Paris stormed down the stage making girls scream for goodie bags and just generally sending the crowd wild.  Vice played last year also, so following were new band Inju5tice with 'in the money'.  These fresh young men made the atmosphere of the crowd excitable and set them up for the show.  The slogan '21st century frox' lit up across the stage adding humour.  Throughout the show there were a series of 9 different changes of scenes.  Each scene had a dance followed by a catwalk.  The first one was a film set theme.  There were robbers bending and dancing to avoid the rays and plenty of black and camouflage could be seen.  The second was an inspectors theme.  Models wore plenty of leather, blacks and grey and had bullet chains hanging round their necks.  High School rocks was the third theme.  Jockeys and cheerleaders ran out onto the stage to dance to high school musical and glee theme songs.  Down the catwalk, girls wore cute tartan skirts, jumpers, were holding school books and eating apples.  They had bunches in their hair and looked really girly.  Men wore USA outfits and flags as they strolled down the catwalk half naked.  Scene 4 was western action.  Men and Women came out in Jeans, Shirts and cowboy boots to dance before neutrals, florals, denim and head dresses were worn down the catwalk.  Fairytale romance was the fourth with a slow dance of a prince and princess.  Ballgowns in cream, baby pink, baby blue and white, covered in diamante were worn down the catwalk.  A massive clear ball rolled down the stage next, with men and women in lycra tight and silver space suits holding it.  This was a science fiction scene.  The catwalk for this was very futuristic and Lady Ga Ga styled with mirrored bodices and huge sleeves.  Rocky gangster was the next scene with the boxing theme tune and a fight ring.  Catwalk style was evening wear with gowns and suits.  The eighth scene was mystery horror with a spooky atmosphere and music.  Pumpkins flashed across the screens and women came out with long black maxi skirts and black bras.  Black leather, PVC, feathers and fringing was worn on the catwalk.  The final scene to finish off was dirty dancing.  Outfits worn by the females during the dance were strictly come dancing style before the catwalk finished off with lots of glitter.  Nearly all the gowns were covered in sequins or diamante, even the mens suits featured it.  Men run down the stage topless before scattering down the stairs and around the audience, leaving the crowd excited.  The day was very enjoyable and relaxed with thousands of cheap deals in all the rooms due to it being the final day.  It's a good excuse to spend tonnes of money.


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