The penguin and robot army!

Charlotte Taylor has a fantastic label which was launched in London Fashion week 2010 with an Autumn/Winter collection inspired by penguins.  This was a huge hit, but then on 26th April 2010, she was featured in Vogue online with her new collection.  This is where they talked about her inspirations and how far she had come along.  This is how she derscribes her first collection, 'Dashes of colour through tweed, navy, cream and pearl, twist through folds and pleats. Weighty fabrics and concealed contrasts create clothes that flow, move and transform with the movement of life. The dresses are ripe for the winter dance’aholic’, whilst coats and capes engulf you in a sea of wool, chunky zips and head consuming hoods. Tops and blouses emblazoned with a unique penguin print make for a strong, memorable statement. Elegance is also key; as is the strength of tailoring. Lines and seams are there for a reason, subtly and beautifully accentuating the female form'.  This long winded description is perfect and I couldn't have described it better myself.   Items of her collection include -
 For her spring/summer 2011, Charlotte had the theme of robots.  She showed this collection at London Fashion Week in association with Vauxhall Fashion scout as part of its 'Ones To Watch'.  This gave Charlotte great publicity and really launched her label.  She then started a website at for buyers to view her collections.  Celebrities that have been spotted wearing her designs are Diana Vickers and Fearne Cotton.  I went to view her collection at Fashion Week as you can see in my lower post named London Fashion Week (2).  It was a refreshing collection that is very different to anything out there at the moment with bold prints and cuts.  Her decription of the collection is, 'An invasion of small orange robots, colours, silks, bold prints, a CHARLOTTE TAYLOR designed Car outside the Freemasons' Hall in Covent Garden, lots of jumping around and happy, fun times'.  My favorite piece isn't featured on her blog or website. but was at her London fashion show exhibition -

 These are a few of my favourite pieces -


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